Energy Benchmarking

Building energy benchmarking is defined by Natural Resources Canada as:

The ongoing review of your organization's energy consumption to determine if your building's energy performance is getting better or worse in comparison to itself, other buildings in your portfolio, and/or its peers.

Building energy benchmarking lets an organization understand its current energy consumption by establishing a baseline so that efficiency improvement opportunities can be identified and prioritized, and savings can be measured. It also provides a comparison with other similar buildings so an organization can see how their building(s)’s energy performance is affecting their competitiveness.

Why Benchmark Your Building's Energy Use?

Efficient building energy management can:
  • result in significant cost reductions
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • improve occupant health and productivity
  • help identify energy and cost saving goals
  • provide motivation for energy saving actions

Measurement enables effective management!

How do you Benchmark Your Building's Energy Use?

Although there are many energy consumption benchmarking tools available today, Natural Resources Canada is promoting ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager as the Canadian tool of choice for the following reasons:
  • For the first time ever, there is a standard, free, online energy benchmarking system that provides more accurate and equitable Canadian building energy data and assessments for the commercial and institutional buildings sector.
  • ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager complements many existing energy benchmarking programs and routines.
  • Benchmarking can be a powerful trigger to encourage investments in energy retrofits.
  • The tool will produce trend data that can facilitate future program/policy development.

What Energy Benchmarking Services does City Green Offer?

City Green’s Energy Coaches can provide a variety of services to get your building(s) effectively using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager:
  1. City Green Trains Your Staff to do Everything: Train your staff onsite and/or remotely to effectively utilize Portfolio Manager including initial access, property set up, utility data gathering and entry, and ongoing reporting and interpretation.
  2. Shared Responsibilities: City Green completes initial set up and trains and provides support to enable your staff to perform ongoing maintenance, reporting and interpretation.
  3. City Green Does Everything: initial access, property set up, utility data entry, ongoing reporting, interpretation and recommendations to improve energy efficiency.

City Green Solutions offers customized building energy benchmarking for commercial, institutional, and residential buildings. Contact us at 1.866.381.9995 x120 or email
for a free quote.